Remote HydroLight

Disclaimer / User Responsibility

The drawings and documents on the Web site ( belong to Remote HydroLight (RHL).  For any use of the drawings or documents or any work based on the drawings or documents we respectfully request you to give the credit to Remote HydroLight. 

Some of the drawings and documents used on the RHL Web site have been used with permission from International Assistance Mission (IAM).  We respectfully request you to give the credit to IAM ( for their drawings and documents.

Anyone is free to use the drawings and documents to produce hydropower equipment. RHL would appreciate being contacted to know how our drawings and documents have helped. 

RHL and IAM accept no responsibility for any safety incident relating to building or operating any equipment based on the drawings and documents. It is very important that belt and shaft shields are installed on all equipment to protect operators or bystanders from injury. Electrical equipment should be properly installed and connected according to safety standards. It is very important that the water heater is properly grounded because the water heater has water in it and can become wet from condensation.